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Series GHA Interlayer Heating Stainless steel Temperature-Controlled Dyeing Drum

Ⅰ.Application Scope:
Series GHA interlayer heating stainless steel temperature-controlled dyeing drum is an advanced equipment to produce top grade leather in tanning industry.It is suitable for wet operation of preparation,tannage,neutralization and dyeing of leather processing.


1、The structure of this equipment is a suspension structure.The drum body is made of stainless steel with the advantages of long service life and beautiful appearance.
2、The advanced interlayer heating & circulating system is used.The medium inside the drum is totally separated with the heating medium in the interlayer so that the drum body can be heated up and maintained at a required temperature when it is at the stationary condition.The residual medium and waste slag inside the drum body can be cleaned off thoroughly to prevent from any dyeing defect or color difference.
3、Speed of the drum is regulated by means of frequency convertor through chain(or gear).It has advantages of stable drive,more prower transmission and long service life.
4、The equipment has the functions of controlling the total operation time,timed forward & backward rotation as well as single-way rotation time. The total working time,the time for each forward or backward rotation as well as the duration between the forward and the backward can be controlled respectively.Thus,achieving continous or intermittent running operation of the drum.
5、The heating system of this equipment is controlled with an intelligentized temperature controller to achieve automatic heating and to maintain the constant temperature accurately.
6、There is a door on the drum body,which is opened horizontally featuring sensitive and excellent seal performance.The equipment is also equipped with a draining chute and a safe braking system when electric power is cut off automatically to ensure reliable and safe operation.
Note:This drum is heated by steam.

Ⅲ.Main Technical Parameters

Model R2004 R2500 R2800
Drum diameter (mm) 2000 2500 2800
Drum width (mm) 2000 2000 2200
Effective Volume(l) 2300 3600 5000
Leather loaded(kg) 580 900 1250
Drum speed(r/min) 0-16 0-12 0-10
Motor power (kw) 11 11 15
Temperature range controlled (℃) Room temperature—75±1
Length(mm) 3700 3700 3900
Width(mm) 2800 3300 3600
Height(mm) 2600 3000 3400
Model GHA Interlayer Heating Stainless Steel Temperature-Controlled Drum
Model GHA Interlayer Heating Stainless Steel Temperature-Controlled Drum