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Model GHGS Stainless Steel Milling Laboratory Drum

I.Application Scope
Model GHGS stainless steel milling laboratory drum is an ideal equipment used in the laboratory. It is mainly used for softening leather,fur and fine miscellaneous skins. The surface of leather after this processing will be very clean,fine ingrain& full so that it greatly improves the appearance of the leather in the sense of view. The equipment mects the CE Standard of the European Union in environmental protection and energy saving.
Ⅱ. Charactcristics
1. There are only baffles inside the drum body that make the leather after processing having better softerning result.
2.'The equipment is equipped with a hot air circulating and dust collecting system so as to accurately & automatically control the temperature & humidity inside the drum, and to remove dust automatically during the process.
3.The drum is equipped with PLCtouch screen system. The drum has timing functions to automatically control forward&backward rotations,the stop duration between forward& backward operation as well as single direction operation. The speed of the drum can be regulated steplessly.
4. The drum body runs ina fully enclosed space. When the drum door is opened, the drum will stopoperation immediately so as to ensure the operator in safe.
5. There is a large diameter drum door on the front side of the drum body which is fully transparent,through which all detail operation can be observed.
Ⅲ、Main Technical Parameters

Model GS180 GS180-A
Drum  diameter*width(mm) 1800× 600 1800*1000
Volume(m3) 1.2 2
Drum   speed(rpm) 10-20 10-20
Leather loaded(kg) 30 50
Main motor power(kw) 4 5.5
Heating power(kw) 9 9
Fan  power(kw) 2.2 2.2
Pressure of compressed gas(kg/cm3) ≥3 ≥3
Consumption of compressed gas(m3/min) 0.2 0.4
Water  Consumption(m3/h) 0.02
Temperature range Controlled(℃) Room temperature-80
Humidity control range 30-90%
Length*Width*Height(mm) 2150×1300×2400 2150×1700×2400