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Stainless steel Temperature-Controlled Level Dyeing Text Box

Ⅰ、Main Features & Application Scope
Stainless steel temperature-controlled level dyeing test box is a new type of leather dyeing test equipment.The box is made of stainless steel.The 8 same-sized glass bottles,which contain leather for test ,are fixed on a rotary shaft made of stainless steel with individual stainless steel fixture so that eight tests can be carried out simuitaneously.The equipment is provided With a heating and temperature controlling device,with which temperature can be arbitrarily Adjusted to fit the process requirement.There is a timer to separately control the total working operation,forward and reverse rotation operations and pause operation.The total transparents glass bottles help the operator to observe the working condition of the leather inside the bottle stick out a mile.The equipment is particularly suitable for small batch and more varieties comparative tests of leather in leather and leather chemical industries.

Ⅱ、Main Technical Parameters
2、Total numbers of glass bottles:8
3、Volume of each glass bottle:1L
4、Glass bottle speed:56rpm
5、Range of temperature controlled:Room temperature-65℃
6、Motor power:0.55KW
7、Heating power:2KW
8、Overall dimensions(L×W×H):1420×650×650mm