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Model GH Stainless Steel Drying Room

I. Functional Characteristics & Application Scope
1.Model GI stainless stecl drying room is an equpment used in a leather laboratory to dry leather. Ilis made of good quality stainless steel,feathering beautiful appearance& wear well.
2. This equipment is equipped with an automatic heating and temperature control system. The reasonable hot air circulation system in the oven ensures that the leather inside the oven is evenly dried without bonding. The equipment adopts high qualityther-mal insulation material to ensure good thermal insulation, energy saving and environmental protection.
3. This equipment is particularly suitable for drying the coated leather in the tannery and leather chemical company.
Ⅱ.Main Technical Parameters

Model   H3020   H2020
Overall dimensions of drying room(L*W*H)mm   3000x2000×2000   2000×2000×2000
The amount of hanging skin(pieces)   <10   <10
Temperature range controlled(℃)   Room temperature-65
Heating power(KW)   25   15

Note: the leather hanging rods inside the room can be replaced with toggle machine according to the customer needs.