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Model GZGB Octagonal Stainless Steel Milling Drum

Ⅰ、Application Scope:
(1)All operations are PC controlled.Key components such as temperature controller,humidity controller, transducer and spouts are all high-class products importde abroad,So the product is high-quality,low-trouble-rate.
(2)Transmission system:The motor-reducer can supply the milling process with most suitable mechanical action.the intellige- ntized PC permits the drum to run at a fix time,forward and reverse,stop and set the total work time automatically.Furthermore, it sets the door at a fix position easy to load and unload. (3)Temperature control system:The system can set needed temperature.Negative effects caused by season and environment temperature variances can be greatiy liminated through processes: automatic temperature up-temperature controlled by air exchange-temperature down.
(4)Humidity control system:The system can set the suitable relative humidity. Through processes: increasing humidity by spraying-controlling humidity by air exchange-spraying occasionally,it can not only eliminate ohesions,contraction and the hardness of fiber,but also greatly improve the skin softness,the surface grain and the appearance.By spraying system,the diluted chemicals can be absorbed properly and meet different leather requirements of handle,slippery and appearance.
(5)Dust collecting system:Through an enclosed wind circling system,the dust can be extracted to the fitering device.Especially, exiguous dust adhered to skins caused by static can be completely eliminated. The cyclone tower are strong-wind,low-noise, no cohesions and stuffed-up.

Ⅱ、Main Technical Parameters

Model GZGB-320x210 GZGB-260x160
Outside Dimension 3200mmx2100mm 2600mmx1600mm
Door Size 1500mmx1000mm 1000mmx1200mm
Loading Capacity 600-800Kg 400Kg
Rotating Speed 0-20r/min 0-20r/min
Wind Speed 12.6m/s 12.6m/s
Total Power 30Kw 19.2Kw
Weight 5500Kg 4500Kg