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Model GPJC Leather Spray Coating Dust Collector

Ⅰ.Functional Characteristics & Application Scope
Model GPJC leather spray coating dust collector is a new type of leather spray coating equipment,which adopts low noise & multi-wing centrifugal blower featuring high efficiency of dust collection as well as exhaust of harmful gas. The air containing dust will be filtered by means of water curtain at fist and then discharged through pipe system after being dewartered with multilayer rafting.Water of the water curtain comes form the circulating water of the equipment so that it is convenient to collect dust and mud that can be easily cleaned off. Therefore,it greatly reduces pollution caused by the "Three Wastes",thus improving working environment.
The quipment is especially suitable for coating test as well developing new product and small batch production of leather or fur in tannery and leather processing industry.

Ⅱ.Main Technical parameters

1.Area of the screen plate(LxW):2,200*1,000mm(Can be made based on customer's requirements)
2.Height of the rotation center of the screen plate:990mm
3.Total power of the equipment:3.75kw
4.Overall dimensions(L*W*H):3,600*2,000*2,850mm
5.Weight of the equipment:1,100kg