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Model KWHZ interlayer heating stainless steel & temperature-controlled comparison padlle

Ⅰ.Application Scope
Model KWHZ interlayer heating atainless steel & temperature-controlled comparison padlle is absolute necessary equipment in modern fun & leather plants and tannery industry.It consists of six (four/or two)paddles which are exact the same to carry our six(four/or two)different tests simultaneously. This equipment is capable of doing the comprison tests for differenf kinds of fur and leather in small batch and more varieties so as to achieving the optimizing production process.It is especial suitable for wet operation of preparation,tannage,neutralization and dyeuing of various leathers.


1.The paddle trough,plate,shaft and frame are all made of superior quality stainless steel with the advantage of speciosity,anticorrosion and durable usage.
2.The equipment is equipped with a sealed interlayer electric heat pump circulating system,which heats the circulating solution in the interlayer of the paddle so that the solution in the trough can be heated and maintaln at a constant temperature.Because the solution in the trough is totally isolated from the heating solution inside the interlayer,it is especially suitable for the test with a small ratio of the tested leather vs the solution.The testing result is accurate.Due to smooth and flat trough surface,the residual liquid and other waste residue in the trough can be cleaned thoroughly,thus eliminating dyeing defect and chromatism.
3.The driving system is equipped with a stepless speed-regulating motor and chain,featuring powerful transmission,stable starting and running operation,low noise,sensitive speed change and long service life.
4.The equipment has the timing functions of controlling total working cycle time,forward & backward rotation duration as well as single direction operation.Each duration can be set up through timer respectively so that the paddle can work continuously or interruptedly.
5.Equipped with an intelligent temperature controller,temperature of the solution in the trough can be controlled accurately so that processing quality of the leather in such solution is greatly improved.One set of the heating system controls the solution temperature served for the two neighborhood paddles,thus making the solution temperature everywhere between the two neighborhood paddle always the same.
Notes: Special stainless steel & temperature-controlled paddle can be developped for customers based on their requirements.

Ⅲ.Main Technical Parameters


Z3040-6 Z3040-4 Z3040-2 Z3550-2 Z4570-2 Z5585-2

Paddle diameter(mm)

300 300 300 350 450 550
Paddle width(mm)
400 400 400 500 700 850
Number of paddle in a unit
6 4 2 2 2 2
Effective volume(each paddle.L)
15 15 15 25 50 100
Motor power(kw)
0.75 0.55 0.55 0.75 1.1 1.1
Heating power(kw)
1.2×3 1.2×2 1.2 2.4 4.5 4.5
Temperature range controlled(℃)
Room temperature-75±1
3100 2300 1500 1650 2100 2350
550 550 550 600 700 800
1650 1650 1650 1650 1700 1800