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Model GHS Octagonal Stainless Steel Temperature-Controlled Tumbling(Softening)Laboratory Drum

Ⅰ.Application Scope:
Model GHS octagonal stainless steel temperature-controlled tumbling lab drum is a critical equipment in modem leather making industry, which is mainly used for softening various types of leather in small batch production. This softening process not only eliminates shrinkage of leather fiber due to its binding as well as hardness,but also makes the leather proper plump & soft and extended so that the appearance quality of the feather can be improved.

1.The inner drum is a drum with octagonal structure,which makes softening result of the leather more efficient.
2.The advanced interlayer electric heating & circulating system is used.Because It is an intelligent temperature control system for heating,the temperature can be controlled accurately.
3.Speed of the drum is regulated by means of frequency convertor through chain.it has advantages of stable drive and low noise.
4.This drum has timing functions for total operation,forward & backward rotations and single direction rotation. The timing for the total operation, forward & backward rotations and the time between forward and backward can be regu-lated respectively so that the drum can be regulated respectively so that the drum can be operated continuously or intermlttently.
5.The observation window of the drum is made of full transparent & high strength toughened glass featuring high-temperature resistance.
There are venting holes on the glass for air free flow inside the drum.

Ⅲ.Main Technical Parameters

MODEL S1651 S1652
Drum diameter(mm) 1650 1650
Drum width(mm) 400 600
Leather loaded(kg ) 40 55
Drum speed(r/min) 0-20 0-20
Motor power(kw) 2.2 2.2
Heating power(kw) 4.5 4.5
Temperature rangecontrolled(℃) Room temperature-80±1
Length(mm) 1800 1800
Width(mm) 1300 1500
Height(mm) 2100 2100